Client Concerns and Feedback

All WCHC clients and program users have the right to express their suggestions and complaints about health centre services.

WCHC will respond to client concerns with a commitment to try and resolve them.


If you have a concern or complaint about the services you receive at WCHC:

1. First, try to resolve the issue directly with the staff person involved.

2. If the issue cannot be resolved, please put your complaint in writing and send it to one of the health centre management staff:

  • To the Director of Clinical Services & Satellite Offices, if the issue is related to primary health care services
  • To the Program Coordinator, if the issue is related to group programs or outreach activities
  • To the Executive Director, if the issue is related to organization-wide policy.

If you are not comfortable with making a written complaint, please contact management staff by calling 519-664-3794

3. Management staff will investigate the complaint. Within two working days of receiving the complaint, management staff will contact you to acknowledge the complaint has been received and establish an agreed-upon timeframe for resolution. Management staff will then follow up with you in person and/or in writing within a reasonable timeframe.

4. If your complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you will be asked to send your complaint in writing to the Chairperson of the WCHC Board of Directors.

5. The Board Chairperson will form a Complaint Review Committee to investigate your complaint and prepare a written response. This process may include a meeting with you, and another person you may want for support or consultation. The Complaint Review Committee will include the Chairperson of the WCHC Board, a staff person from WCHC (chosen by the Executive Director), the Executive Director of WCHC, and a person from the community mutually chosen by you and the Board Chairperson.



Compliments about WCHC’s services and programs are also welcome.

Please share directly with staff or use the health centre Feedback Box near the main entrance of each WCHC site or use the form below to submit feedback online.

If you have questions about WCHC’s complaint process, or you are not sure how to proceed with your concerns, please call the health centre Executive Director at (519) 664-3794.

  • Online Feedback Form

  • WCHC welcomes your feedback on our services and programs. WCHC’s Management Team regularly reviews client feedback and follows up on all submissions to our Feedback Box. If you have a comment, concern, complaint or suggestion regarding any of our programs and services, please share it with us.
  • If you would like to discuss your feedback with someone at WCHC, please note your name and phone number. Otherwise, feel free to provide your feedback anonymously.
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