Fitness – Information on Virtual Classes

WCHC offers a range of fitness programs for all levels. These programs are open to all residents of the WCHC catchment area.


Better Bones

For those who have osteoporosis or would like to reduce their risk. Our instructors are Bone Fit Certified!

Better Bones – Monday Morning Class Dates

Better Bones – Wednesday Morning Class Dates

Better Bones – Friday Morning Class Dates

Wellesley Better Bones – Friday Morning Class Dates


Body Fit

This class is designed for adults and teenagers. Some areas of focus include cardiovascular, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and core work. There will be use of steps, balls, weights, and more!

Body Fit – Monday Class Dates

Body Fit – Wednesday Class Dates

Body Fit – Friday Class Dates


Building Strength and Balance

For those with neurological conditions or those wanting to improve balance and strength.

Building Strength & Balance – Tuesday Class Dates

Building Strength & Balance – Thursday Class Dates

Building Strength & Balance (Phone-based) – Thursday Class Dates


FUNdamental Fitness

All around fitness class for active adults.

FUNdamental Fitness – Tuesday Class Dates



Mindfulness Yoga

The practice of being with whatever arises moment to moment. You will learn this through the coordination of breath, movement and concentration.

Mindfulness Yoga – Tuesday Class Dates



A wonderful combination of both Yoga and Pilates. Yogalates is meant to improve body strength and lengthening muscles for overall health and connection to the inner self. The combination of the two makes an overall body workout and helps with relaxation.

Yogalates – Tuesday Class Dates


Mobility Activation Core (MAC)

In this class we’ll work to improve range of motion and stabilize the
core to add more power to daily activities. The goal is to prevent injuries and correct imbalances. Suitable
for beginner to advanced participants and for anyone looking to improve vitality.

MAC – Mondays Class Dates


Recovery Mobility Class

Work to improve function, movement patterns and range of motion. Reducing
risk of injury. Suitable for beginner to advanced participants able to get down onto an exercise mat.

Recovery Mobility – Wednesday Class Dates


Core Class

We’ll mix standing and floor exercises to work on strengthening and supporting the core. This
class is great for supporting the pelvic floor and will use therabands, balls and foam rollers.

Core Class – Tuesday Class Dates