Community Assessment & Strategic Priorities

Community Assessment

Woolwich Community Health Centre conducts a Community Wellbeing Assessment every 4 to 5 years to learn more about the needs and strengths in the community we serve. The most recent assessment was completed in 2019 and used the Canadian Index of Wellbeing as a framework. A more specific assessment was completed in 2018 and focused on the wellbeing of youth and young adults living in the rural townships of Waterloo Region. The WCHC community wellbeing assessments were conducted in partnership with other rural community agencies so that we can all use the results to further our work in the townships. You can read the assessments located in the links and resources section.

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WCHC Strategic Priorities 2016-2020

  1. Mental Health & Addictions/MH&A: Culturally-sensitive mental health and addictions (MH&A) services are provided  in accessible locations for a wide range of MH&A issues.
  2. Support Seniors: Our growing seniors population is supported in a way that allows them to live active and healthy lives in their community.
  3. Youth Engagement: Youth in our community are engaged, valued for their opinions, and involved in decision-making that benefits their health and wellbeing.
  4. Community Capacity Building: Healthy and thriving communities enable neighbours to be connected and mutually supportive.
  5. Support our Staff: Our strong culture of care is perpetuated through supports and retention of quality staff.