Service Delivery Partnerships

Woolwich Community Health Centre (WCHC) partners with many community organizations and groups.

Partnering enhances access to programs and services for residents of our rural catchment area.

One way that WCHC partners with other agencies is by providing office or meeting space at one or more of our three sites. This way, other agencies can have a physical presence in a rural township where they don’t have an office. For rural residents, this means they can access more services, closer to home. When partner agencies work at WCHC’s site(s), this often means that WCHC staff and partner agency staff can work as a team to provide better service to clients.


At WCHC’s main site in St. Jacobs, the following agencies provide services to rural residents:


There are also four tenant services at WCHC’s St. Jacobs facilities. These services are not managed by WCHC, but provide services out of rental space in WCHC’s two buildings in St. Jacobs:

Sometimes, other non-profit agencies that provide health or social services, use WCHC’s space to provide one-time programs. These types of programs are not ongoing, but they are advertised on our website, in our newsletter and on our Facebook page when they happen.