How We Protect Clients

Client Rights and Responsibilities

Woolwich Community Health Centre supports the rights of the client to independent expression, choice and action, and strives to ensure that each individual is given respect, dignity, consideration, privacy and opportunities to participate.

These rights include:

  • Access to care and treatment within the limits of resources available
  • Receiving information concerning their diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis
  • Participation in their own care planning
  • Choice in available resources
  • Confidentiality of records, except where required by law
  • The right to refuse treatment


Health Centre clients have the following responsibilities in accessing health centre services:

  • Respectful treatment of health centre staff, volunteers and other clients/program participants
  • Active participation in their own self-care
  • Prompt arrival for appointments
  • Timely notification of appointment cancellations
  • Respectful and prudent use of health centre resources
  • Immediate notification of address and contact information changes.
  • Notification of  a diagnosed communicable disease, if participating in a group program


Please also review our Confidentiality, Privacy and Circle of Care information as this provides more information on how WCHC protects our clients.