WCHC Priority Populations

Among the residents of WCHC’s catchment area, priority for primary health care intake and program development is placed on populations that may experience greater barriers to health or barriers to accessing health resources. Our priority populations collectively include:

  • Seniors (60+ years of age) and their caregivers
  • Families with young children (0-6 years of age)
  • Farm Families, including those from conservative Mennonite groups
  • Youth (14-19 years of age)


The general population is not considered to be a priority population. However, in setting priorities for primary health care intake and program development, WCHC will consider self-identified factors that increase the risk for poor health:

  • “barriers to health”, such as presence of chronic disease, social isolation, family history of significant disease, etc.
  • “barriers to accessing health resources”, such as low income, literacy issues, or lack of transportation, etc.