Vision & Mission

Our Vision

An active, vital, connected community whose residents enjoy optimal health and well-being in all aspects.

Our Mission

Our rural, community-governed health centre leads collaboratively in providing culturally sensitive programs and services: primary health care, illness prevention, and health promotion.

Our Values

Holistic Approach

We offer comprehensive, integrated and accessible services and programs that focus on the physical, mental, spiritual and social determinants of health.

Respect and Compassion

We interact with individuals, families and communities in a caring, friendly, inclusive and compassionate manner.


We build relationships with clients, volunteers, community groups, inter-disciplinary team members and other health care providers.

Accountability and Responsibility

We are committed to ethical practice and good stewardship of resources – fiscal, human and environmental.


We engage clients, staff and the community through listening, information sharing, consultation and outreach.

Our Approach

To achieve our Mission, we are committed to sustaining and continuously improving the:

  • Quality, safety, and effectiveness of our care.
  • Competence and expertise of our staff and volunteers in delivering programs and services.