Services We Provide

New Client Orientation Video

If you are a new client at our health centre, or would like a refresher of an overview of what service we offer, please watch the video below:

Primary Health Care

We offer primary health care to registered clients of Woolwich Community Health Centre. Primary health care responds to clients’ needs from infancy to old age. Providers address acute and chronic health needs, preventive care, rehabilitative care and palliative care. Primary health care considers the client as an individual within the context of their family, society and environment.

We work together as a team to care for and support our clients. Early detection of illness can be important for early treatment and best outcomes.

Screening for health concerns at certain times over the lifespan can help keep you healthy. It is important to think about your health for:

  • Early prenatal care
  • Well baby care and immunization
  • Adolescent physicals
  • Age appropriate health screening checks
  • Health checks if you have significant family history of illness (e.g., diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer)


Mental Health Counselling

Individual, couple and family counseling is available to registered clients. Clients may be referred to counseling by their primary health care provider or you may book an appointment by calling reception.


Nutrition Counselling

Registered Dietitians help clients to improve their health through good nutrition and healthy eating. Clients and community members may book an appointment for nutrition counseling at no cost.



Chiropody is the professional treatment and care of people’s feet. The St. Jacobs and Wellesley sites offer chiropody care to all registered clients. Primary health care providers are able to refer clients to chiropody.



Physiotherapists are primary health care professionals with a significant role in health promotion and treatment of injury and disease.

Whether its pain management and rehabilitation from an acute injury like a sprained ankle, or management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, physiotherapy can help.

Registered clients who do not have physiotherapy coverage through 3rd party insurance, or have exhausted their insurance benefits, can be referred by their primary care provider to the physiotherapist at WCHC.


Smoking Cessation

WCHC uses the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation as its model of care to assist clients in their reduction and discontinuation of use of tobacco products. Clients will be asked about their use of tobacco at every visit and offered supports to assist them with their goals.

Providers at WCHC have had specialized training to help clients with Quit Plans and will support clients using all available resources.