Virtual Healthy Cooking Series with Mandy Wu



Join us as Mandy walks us through her own virtual cooking show! Each month, Mandy will walk you through the process of cooking wonderful healthy dishes with each episode having its own theme, such as ‘Meal For One’, ‘Eat Without Meat’, ‘Eat Healthier with Low Carbs’, ‘Gluten-Free’, and ‘Taste of Asia’.

Mandy will introduce you to these great recipes and help you save time for cooking and eating healthier, and also encourage you to try some new foods!

Please register as early as possible so that we can send you the recipe and ingredients ahead of time in case you want to gather the ingredients ahead of time to follow along the class.  You can either follow along or just watch! Consider this your very own cooking show in your community!

The classes will take place on:

-Meal for One – February 13th

-Eat Without Meat – March 13th

-Eat Healthier With Low Carbs – April 10th

-Gluten-Free – May 8th

-Taste of Asia – June 5th


To register,  please register online or email Tariq at [email protected]