Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Epidemic


The liver is one of the body’s largest organs, responsible for many important functions. But what happens when the liver becomes diseased and doesn’t operate the way it should? If caught early enough, there is potential to reverse this condition; left too late, and conditions may become more serious. In this session, we will learn from a Naturopathic Doctor what non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is, who is most at risk, as well as symptoms and treatments for this condition. Join us to learn more about this condition and its prevention and treatment.


Facilitated by Dr. Laura M Brown, Registered Naturopathic Doctor, SOUTHEND Natural Medicine

 January 12, 2023 from 1:30-3pm on zoom

Registration is required. To register, email Tariq at [email protected], or register online. 

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January 12 2023