Community Garden Volunteering


WCHC started the Community Garden for Wellness program in spring 2021. This began with a generous fund from the Government of Canada and the Community Foundations of Canada. The seed funding allowed us to start the community garden at 10 Parkside Dr. in St. Jacobs.

Gardening is exercise! Watering, planting, walking around the garden and bending to plant seeds are all good exercise for everyone. Research beingdone on community gardening have demonstrated many health benefits to everyone. For example, plant care can be therapeutic for the body, mind, and soul of seniors as well as increase your vegetable consumption habits.

The purpose of WCHC’s community garden is to bring together community members in Woolwich and Wellesley to:

  • Learn new skills in gardening and healthy eating through practical experience in the garden and workshops on different topics.
  • Increase physical activity through participation in the gardening tasks.
  • Increase social interaction for individuals and families, and between generations and cultures, all participating in the same place.
  • Improve mental health and well-being through having a place to relax and be in nature.

    We hope that you will join us to connect with others, participate in our gardening activities and workshops related to gardening activities.

    If you have a passion for gardening and want to volunteer and/or be on our gardening advisory group, email Tariq at [email protected]