Lending Library

The Lending library is a collection of resources consisting of books and VHS and is available at our St. Jacobs and Wellesley sites.


  • Abuse & Healing
  • Addiction & Healing
  • Aging, Child & Adolescent Development & Parenting
  • Caregivers
  • Diabetes
  • Environmental Health
  • Grief, Death & Dying
  • Holistic & Emotional Health
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Men’s Health
  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Specific Childhood Illnesses
  • Specific Adult Illnesses
  • Women Health

How Lending Works

Books can be signed out through the green ‘sign-out binder’ available in the library area. We record and track book sign-outs by an anonymous, 4-digit number on the back of each book. Feel free to read them while you’re at the health centre or sign them out and take them home for a couple of weeks. Once you’re finished with the book, simply return it to the ‘return box’!

We invite you to come and check out WCHC’s Lending Library!