Foot Care at Home

The following are instructions for people with diabetes but it is suitable for everyone.
You can help keep your feet healthy by performing a daily foot care routine:

  • Examine your feet and legs for injuries, cracks, and dry skin
  • Trim and file your nails regularly. Have a spouse or immediate family member help you if you are unable to reach your feet safely
  • Apply moisturizer (preferably cream) to your feet and legs once or twice daily (but not between your toes)
    • Suggested Foot Creams:
      – Uremol 10 or 20
      – Flexitol
      – Urisec 10 or 20
      – Dermal Therapy Heel Care
  • Wear properly fitting footwear, even around the house
  • Check your bath water with your hand or elbow before you step in. Water that is too hot can injure your skin

If you have any swelling, warmth, redness or pain in your legs or feet, call the Woolwich Community Health Centre to speak to a provider or a chiropodist right away.

For more information regarding diabetes and your feet, please watch the following videos:

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