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Our Vision

An active, vital community whose residents enjoy optimal health and well-being in all aspects.  

Mission Statement

Our rural, community governed health centre leads collaboratively in providing culturally sensitive programs and services: primary health care, illness prevention, and health promotion.

Our Values

Holistic Approach
We offer comprehensive and accessible services and programs that focus on the physical, mental, spiritual and social determinants of health.

Respect and Compassion
We interact with individuals, families and communities in a caring, friendly and compassionate manner.

We build relationships with clients, volunteers, community groups, inter-disciplinary team members and other health care providers.

Accountability and Responsibility
We are committed to ethical practice and good stewardship of resources – fiscal, human and environmental.

We engage clients, staff and the community through listening, information sharing, consultation and outreach.

Our Approach

To achieve our Mission, we are committed to sustaining and continuously improving the:


Woolwich Community Health Centre is an accredited community health organization with three sites serving the rural townships of Woolwich, Wellesley, and Wilmot, and small areas of Perth County/North Easthope.

Woolwich Community Health Centre was set up by a group of community residents concerned about health and wellness in St. Jacobs and surrounding communities. This group incorporated in 1985. In 1989, the health centre started receiving funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health to operate a facility in St. Jacobs. In 2005, we opened a second health centre in the village of Wellesley. The Nurse Practitioner office in Linwood opened in 2003 and is linked with the health centre in Wellesley.

Catchment Area

WCHC serves a geographical catchment area that includes the territory of Woolwich Township, Wellesley Township and the following areas of Perth County and Wilmot Township:

WCHC operates two health centre sites: the main site in St. Jacobs and the satellite site in the village of Wellesley. The Linwood Nurse Practitioner Office (LNPO) is an affiliated access point of the Wellesley site.

Each health centre site serves part of WCHC’s catchment area:

Residents from across WCHC’s catchment area may access health education programs offered at any site.

Priority Populations

Among the residents of WCHC’s catchment area, priority for primary health care intake and program development is placed on populations that may experience greater barriers to health or barriers to accessing health resources. Our priority populations collectively include:

The general population is not considered to be a priority population. However, in setting priorities for primary health care intake and program development, WCHC will consider self-identified factors that increase the risk for poor health: