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An interdisciplinary approach to primary health care supports a wholistic approach to care. Health care providers work collaboratively, sharing their expertise with each other and the client to achieve a healthy outcome. When clients experience complex medical conditions or require a range of supports, the team will work together to address issues. All providers in a collaborative practice are concerned with health promotion and illness prevention.

All providers in the interdisciplinary team have the opportunity to lead and take part in group programs.

Clients can access any member of the team by making an appointment through reception.

The staff team includes:

Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) work collaboratively to assess, diagnose, treat and manage episodic and chronic illness across the lifespan. They work with individuals and families in appointments and take part in some group programs.

Clinical nurses assess the nature of patients' presenting problems, and manage the flow of patients through the clinical area. They perform several procedures and also provide health teaching.

Lab Technician does blood work and electrocardiograms (EKGs) as ordered by the family physicians and NPs.

Registered Dietitians help clients to improve their health through good nutrition and healthy eating. They also work with other staff in group programs.

Counsellors provide mental health support and education to individuals, families, couples and community groups.

Chiropodists assess, treat and prevent foot problems. They monitor clients with risks, to prevent the onset of serious foot problems. Chiropodists also construct and fit some orthotics.

Well Adult Nurse works with seniors to address basic foot care needs. She also does a health assessment, and links clients with other community resources as needed.

Hospice Coordinator works with volunteers, who have completed a hospice training program, to support families of someone who is terminally ill or has a life altering illness.

Community Health Workers work with the community to identify issues which impact on health. They plan and implement group programs and link with established programs and services.

Reception staff answer phones, schedule appointments, greet clients and provide information. They also take program registration and provide clerical support to staff.

Health Promoter identifies broad factors that affect health and works with the community to plan and set up a range of health promotion activities to address those factors.

Physiotherapy Staff work with clients individually and in groups to support healthy physical rehabilitation and/or development. Registered patients are asked to exhaust any third party insurance before using our physiotherapy services.