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Community programs are offered to the general population of the health centre catchment area. These programs are intended to improve the health and well-being of the population.

Exercise Programs
Exercise helps people of all ages. We offer a variety of exercise classes for all ages and levels of ability. Exercise classes require registration and payment for each session.
Seniors' Programs
There are many programs for seniors to learn about health issues. We offer regular sessions on relevant health topics.
Programs for young children and their parents
Parents can attend group programs that provide information on pre/post-natal health, nutrition, parenting issues and child health issues. As well, health care providers are available to address parents' questions or concerns.
Farm Safety Education Programs
Regular farm safety and injury prevention programs are offered in local schools and in community settings. These programs help children to follow safe practices to prevent injuries.
Nutrition Counselling
The Registered Dietitians provide dietary assessment and nutrition information for community members who have questions or concerns about nutrition.
Nutrition Education Programs
We offer a variety of group programs to provide education and support on specific nutrition topics.
Woolwich and Wellesley Hospice
Hospice care provides support for persons with a life threatening illness and for their loved ones. It is a wholistic approach that provides practical, emotional, and spiritual support by trained volunteers. If you would like more information about this program or would like to become a volunteer, please contact us.
Caregiver Support
Monthly meetings provide support and education to people who are caregivers of persons with serious health conditions.
Healthy Lifestyles
Regular information sessions are held to address current health issues. These sessions are open to the general public.

Certain community programs may charge a minimal fee to cover costs (e.g., paying for a fitness instructor). When these programs are advertised, the fee will be listed. It is our policy to ensure that finances are not a barrier. If you cannot pay a program fee, you can request assistance by contacting the staff member who coordinates the program.