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WCHC supports the basic rights of our clients to independent expression, choice and action, respect, consideration, privacy and opportunities to participate.

All client disclosures and records are treated confidentially.

Health care providers involve the client in decisions involving their health. This includes an opportunity to discuss alternate health care services, and the right of the client to decline health care.

Click here for WCHC's Statement on Client Rights and Responsibilities

Click here for WCHC's Client Feedback and Complaint Procedure

Informed Consent:
Informed consent means the client understands the process, procedure, risks and benefits of any proposed approach to a health concern.

No treatment will be given without informed consent. This consent may be:
Power of Attorney:
A Power of Attorney is a legal document. It names a substitute decision maker to give consent on behalf of a client who is unable to make decisions about their personal care.

All clients are encouraged to have a Power of Attorney for personal care in case they ever need someone else to make a health care decision for them.

Confidentiality of Client Records:

All client conversations and records are treated confidentially in an interdisciplinary team practice. Records are accessed by staff who are involved in the client's care. On occasion, case conferencing will require that records are shared.

Your medical record is the property of WCHC, but you do have the right to view your file. Clients can request to see or have a copy of information from their records. It is our policy to have such requests arranged through the provider you normally see.

Click here for WCHC's full policy on the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information and Personal Health Information.